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Ambulances by Hall-Mark

Hall Mark Fire

Hall Mark Fire

As the exclusive dealer and service center for Horton Emergency Vehicles for the state of Florida, Hall-Mark provides the after market support and service, as well as the sales.

Call Hall-Mark today to discuss your emergency vehicle needs, 800-524-6072.

Why Horton?
Our commitment to excellence shows in the products in which we choose to align ourselves. To ensure the highest product integrity at Hall-Mark, we only represent the best in the industry. That’s why we offer a full-line of ambulances from Horton, the leading ambulance manufacturer for over 35 years. Their development of innovative products has always been combined with extensive product testing programs. Horton continues to lead the way in safety and innovation.

The Ultimate in Advanced Design

  • all-aluminum body
    • durable, solid construction creates an envelope of strength
    • 40-60 percent lighter than plywood
    • Impervious to water rot, mold, fungus or infestation
  • Stratoflex II floor technology
    • Stronger than plywood and it won’t rot
    • Creates additional sound & thermal barrier
  • energy absorbing rear step minimizes damage and vehicle downtime
  • Intelliplex – Horton’s exclusive multiple electrical system
    • Turns off loads to maintain vehicle integrity
    • Sealed control panels for decontamination ease and protection from spills
    • Guaranteed lower failure rate
    • Easier diagnostics

The Only Crash Tested Unit Available

  • On-going impact testing program for over 30 years
  • Only Horton perform dynamic tests on all systems in an ambulance
  • HYGE Sled used to test and simulate front, side and rear impacts to the body mounting systems, oxygen storage and cabinet integrity
  • testing & procedures as outlined in Federal Ambulance Specifications and Ford Quality Vehicle Modifier guidelines
  • rigorous testing to ensure equipment stability and the reliability of mounting systems and cabinet attachments
  • high tech materials that will not support bacterial growth or retain water
  • all wood products have been totally eliminated in the patient area
  • infectious control materials used for door handles and grab rails
  • no openings around switches or legends where dangerous substances can collect

Sound Suppression
For Ideal Patient Compartment Conditions

  • 10 step process
  • Multi-layers of high tech materials
  • VI-Tech Mounting System provides vibration reduction and structure-borne noise attenuation

Hall-Mark’s ambulance specialist will work with you to design a unit that meets the needs of you department and community. Hall-Mark also offers equipment installation for radios, laptops, and MDTs.

In addition to a state-of-the-art vehicle, Hall-Mark provides you with unsurpassed service that includes 11 mobile service trucks on call 7days a week, 24 hours a day. No other dealer in the state can match our level of service, accessibility, response time, and expertise.

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